At the MadamèCEO, we are ambitious.

We are ambitious for the incredible women from across the world that we work with. We are ambitious that entrepreneurship becomes a growing opportunity enabling women’s economic empowerment and equality. 

We are ambitious for the eco-system to better support women and their businesses. We are ambitious for the growth, development and sustainability of our own organisation so we can help incredible women around the world fulfil their potential. 

Our new strategy ‘Women entrepreneurs. Redefining the future’ will ensure we can bring these ambitions to life.

Sponsors and Partners

MadamèCEO offers organizations an opportunity to support the personal and professional growth of their teams. We focus on these key areas: Leadership and career advancement; personal development; money management and entrepreneurship.

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MadamèCEO Online
MadamèCEO Global Network is a life coaching network that focuses on raising entrepreneurs, women of influence, empowering and equipping women into the world of business. MadamèCEO Desk
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