Entrepreneurship Programmes

The potential of women entrepreneurs remains largely untapped in low and middle-income countries, with much lacking access to the financial services, skills and opportunities they need to become successful business owners. 

In developing countries, women own only around 30% of small businesses and as little as 17% of medium enterprises. 70% of women-owned businesses in developing countries are also underserved by financial institutions.

The Enterprise Development Programme addresses these challenges by enhancing women’s access to capital and markets, delivering tailored business training, and facilitating business registration. MadamèCEO focuses on providing women with tailored financial literacy and awareness training, coupled with access to different types of investment choices. MadamèCEO focuses also to work in partnership with institutions and investment funds to encourage them to realise women’s market potential and create tailored products and services for them.
Entrepreneurship Programmes
Our support equips women entrepreneurs with the tools to transition into small and growing business owners, enabling women to increase her income by over 200%. This results not only in higher incomes, but also job creation and a stronger voice for women in their communities. 

By improving women’s incomes and financial autonomy, we can ensure better health, education and security for them, their families and society as a whole.

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MadamèCEO offers organizations an opportunity to support the personal and professional growth of their teams. We focus on these key areas: Leadership and career advancement; personal development; money management and entrepreneurship.

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MadamèCEO Global Network is a life coaching network that focuses on raising entrepreneurs, women of influence, empowering and equipping women into the world of business. MadamèCEO Desk
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