Mentoring Women in Business

MadamèCEO was born from the belief in the power of mentoring, a passion for technology, and a view that community is a powerful force for change. 

By forging these elements together, MadamèCEO created a new way to support women entrepreneurs in South Africa and the world. 

Our Mentoring Programme matches women entrepreneurs from low- and middle-income countries with women and men Mentors elsewhere in the world. The women entrepreneurs work one-on-one with a dedicated business Mentor for one year, meeting online for two hours a month to work on personal and business goals. 

Mentees go on to achieve outstanding results, from revising business plans and strategies to launching products, gaining confidence, building skills, improving financial systems, growing networks and more!

The Mentoring Programme also provides tremendous personal and professional growth opportunities for Mentors, who bring to the programme a wealth of expertise in multiple business fields.
Benefits: Mentoring is a supportive and inspirational relationship based on trust and mutual respect, and benefits accrue to both participants.

Both Mentees and Mentors benefit from the mentoring relationship, as they build new skills, make new contacts, and forge a bond with someone in another part of the world. Women entrepreneurs develop their business and personal skills and are able to launch, sustain or grow their businesses. 

Their Mentors renew their interest in their work and build their own skills.

The benefits also extend beyond individuals. The women we work with are pioneering change-makers, poised to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities.

Women who are financially independent have greater control over their own lives and often a more influential voice in tackling injustice and discrimination. Mentoring plays a role in helping them overcome the barriers they face and accelerate strides they are already making. By building their digital literacy and skills, women are in a better position to participate in political and business-related decision-making processes.

Sponsors and Partners

MadamèCEO offers organizations an opportunity to support the personal and professional growth of their teams. We focus on these key areas: Leadership and career advancement; personal development; money management and entrepreneurship.

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MadamèCEO Global Network is a life coaching network that focuses on raising entrepreneurs, women of influence, empowering and equipping women into the world of business. MadamèCEO Desk
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