In the next 10 years, our strategy is to impact 1000 women each year. This will translate to 10 000 women in business in the next 10 years. 

Through MadamèCEO, we are going to directly impact 10 000 more women in low and middle-income areas of South Africa to start and grow successful businesses.

This will help bring prosperity, security and equality not just to these women, but also to their families, communities, economies and the world. With the help of visionary philanthropists, business leaders and experts, we are going to reach thousands of women a year through our innovative, bold programmes.
Currently, all over the world women earn less than men and are more likely to own micro, vulnerable and informal businesses. Women are less likely to have access to assets, property and financial services. 

They are far more likely to shoulder the burden of unpaid work.

This not only restricts economic opportunities and livelihoods for families around the world: it means half the world’s population being denied basic human rights.

When women are empowered, everyone stands to benefit.
We launched the 1000 Women in Business Campaign.
We exist to help women redefine the future. 

You can be part of this huge impact: join our  1000 Women in Business Campaign today!

Our goal is to empower over 1000 women through our programmes, technology, and a strengthened global entrepreneurship ecosystem. Our target is an ambitious one, but wholly achievable with the support, influence and donations of companies and individuals like yourselves.

You can be part of this incredible impact by making a vital gift to the Campaign, becoming a corporate or institutional partner, or even joining our WiB Campaign Board—convened by MadamèCEO.

Join our many supporters and partners, and help us close the gender gap in entrepreneurship and empower women all over the world!

Sponsors and Partners

MadamèCEO offers organizations an opportunity to support the personal and professional growth of their teams. We focus on these key areas: Leadership and career advancement; personal development; money management and entrepreneurship.

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MadamèCEO Global Network is a life coaching network that focuses on raising entrepreneurs, women of influence, empowering and equipping women into the world of business. MadamèCEO Desk
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