Sindiswa Thwala’s Profile - Everything You Need To Know About The MadamèCEO!

Sindiswa Thwala is the director of Pumpnmech Engineering and Projects which is a water solution and borehole drilling company.

The company is dedicated to providing water solutions such as water treatment, water reticulation, water reclamation, water recycling, water reuse, wastewater treatment, greywater treatment, water irrigation solutions and borehole drilling.

She’s also a philanthropist, a business leader and a founder of the MadamèCEO Global Network which is a life coaching network that focuses on raising entrepreneurs, women of influence, empowering, equipping, and launching women into the business world. The network also assists women to stay physically and mentally healthy, youthful, active as well as maintaining beauty, and to also educate women on financial fitness. 
Sindiswa Thwala’s Profile
 Sindiswa Thwala

MadamèCEO encourages women to discover their purpose, growing in self-worth, self-confidence, and self-discipline and to live fully and fulfil their purpose. This global network currently runs a campaign that aims to impact, Mentor and Empower 1000 Business Women In Africa Annually in the next decade, with the notion of bringing prosperity, security and equality not just to these women but also to their families, economies and onto the world.

Sindiswa is currently the president of Imbokodo Women in Business Board which runs Imbokodo Women in Business Summit, a professional development and networking conference designed for women entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals eager to take their careers to the next level. It brings together women from various backgrounds, career paths, geographical regions, and diverse ethnic groups. It empowers attendees by creating a community dedicated to helping one another build and enhance amazing careers.

The Imbokodo WiB Summit is part of the MadamèCEO's commitment to advancing women in the workplace and the South African economy. The initiative supports economic opportunities, foster success, and build beneficial networks; understanding that women can Be Their Own Bosses.
Sindiswa Thwala’s Profile
 Sindiswa Thwala
The Imbokodo WiBS is also designed to provide a platform for a diverse audience of entrepreneurs, and industry veterans to receive training and information in an interactive manner to assist them in achieving their career and personal goals.
Women In Business
Women In Business
Women In Business

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