Sindiswa Thwala Coffee Time Talk - Women Empowerment In The New Generation "Kwama2K"

Today, in contrast to the past centuries, we find women literate, educated, and liberated to lead.

 Sindiswa Thwala Coffee Time Talk

We find their surge forward not only in the political front but also in social life where they act as agents of change contributing to economic development as well.

But first of all, we need to understand what empowerment of women really means if we have to understand its impact.

Empowerment is about being given authority and power to do something.

Empowerment is about becoming stronger and confident.

Empowerment again means to become aware of one’s rights and privileges.

Empowerment also means the ability to control one’s life in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.

Gender Inequality

One of the major hindrances in the growth and advancement of women is gender inequality. This means that we treat males and females unequally even for the same task. This is generally in the case of defining some jobs and tasks to be either feminine or masculine. A male employee is always prefered in the engineering sector than a female, while women are mostly perceived as secretaries and admins.

Domestic Violence

Many women are suffering from abusive marriages. As they are not empowered, deprived of support and privileges, and denied of influential positions they fear to stand up for their right. If we want to empower women then domestic violence has to be stopped at any cost.

Economic Independence

If we wish to see a nation that develops economically on the global front, then it’s very important to have “Women empowerment”. The actual women empowerment will come by making the women economically independent
Women In Business
Women In Business
Women In Business

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