Check These 5 Career Lessons We Have Learnt From Boity Thulo

TV personality, actress and rapper Boitumelo Thulo (AKA Boity) has built her way to success through her passion, hard work, and determination.

Ever since she stepped into the scene in 2010 when she appeared in a Wimpy commercial, her career has grown immensely and she has become more versatile.

From her very own reality show to a rap career, and even collaborating with big brands, Boity’s multifaceted career and her success serve as an inspiration to many.

Here are five career and success lessons we have learnt from this successful star.

1. YOU ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DO BIG THINGS: It was just after Boity left her teenage years that she began her presenting career on the YoTV educational show Crib Notes in 2011.

As young as she was, this presenting debut opened up many other opportunities such as hosting SABC 1’s The Media Career Guide Show alongside Stevie Frenche, and various other host duties on several TV shows including SkyRoom Live, Ridiculousness Africa and Club 808.
Check These 5 Career Lessons We Have Learnt From Boity Thulo
Check These 5 Career Lessons We Have Learnt From Boity Thulo
From humble beginnings at a tender age, she is indeed proof that age is just a number and that one is never too young to start achieving their career goals.

2. GO WHERE YOUR PASSION REDIRECTS YOU: After having to drop out of varsity because her mother was unable to afford the fees for her third year, Boity had to forget about a career in psychology and criminology.

As it turns out, everything worked out for the best because her passion for entertainment and her dream of appearing on television was finally realised.

The star continues to make waves in the entertainment industry and to grace our TV screens through her reality show Boity: Own Your Throne.

3. LOOK THE PART: It is an indisputable truth that Boity has a keen eye for fashion and is one of the most stylish and best-dressed women in the entertainment industry.

Her style is nothing short of classy, and if it doesn’t spell success then we don’t know what does!

Even while you may not yet be where you aspire to be, career wise, it is important to show up as your successful future self. Look the part, and very soon you’ll fit it.

If you’ve ever seen Boity in action, you know she stays queening at all she does.

Whether she’s presenting or performing live on stage she makes her presence felt, oozes confidence, and carries herself with the utmost grace — a true queen gracefully owning her throne.

The star gives her all to her craft and her passion and confidence reflect in her work. The lesson here? Whatever your chosen career field, give it your all and own it!

5. JOIN FORCES WITH THOSE WHO HAVE WALKED THE PATH BEFORE YOU: Boity made her rap debut at the Migos Culture Tour in October 2017.

While Migos was delayed by a couple of hours, she joined Nasty C as one of the opening acts before the international trio arrived.

Soon after that, she released her debut single Wuz Dat featuring Nasty C. She has since gone on to work closely with artists who have been in the industry for a while, such as Yanga and Riky Rick.

This serves as proof that, where you can, you should seek the help of those who have been in your chosen industry for a long time — their experience could prove to be priceless.

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