Bonang Talks To Us About Her Upcoming Projects To Support And Empower Women!

The business of Being Bonang: It's been more than a year since Bonang launched her sparkling wine range, House of BNG. Our conversation turns to the success of the business. 

I start by reminding her that the brand sold out within hours of its launch in 2019, and the star admits that taking on the project has been "very scary".

"Anytime that I start a new project, it's scary; it's daunting, it takes a lot of risks. From the inception, when I created and came up with the idea, when I told my management, and they helped me find the right people to work with, it was a huge learning process."

But even though she was afraid of the challenges ahead, Bonang had a bigger motivation for establishing the company.

"The reason why the House of BNG was created was to sort of light a fire in other people, especially young black girls in my country," she says, recalling how she had been underestimated throughout her career.
Bonang Talks To Us About Her Upcoming Projects To Support And Empower Women!
"I've wanted this brand to be a success story, not only for me but for other people who are growing with my brand. It's been really, really fantastic. I didn't think it was going to become what it's become. It has become bigger than my biggest dreams. I think I owe it all to the people who buy the brand, who believe in the brand, who believe in me," she adds.

House of BNG has recently launched its new Prestige Reserve - something which Bonang believes could compete with the most prominent champagne and sparkling wine brands in the world.

The company also plans on launching a non-alcoholic sparkling wine this summer.

"It's also something that our consumers say they really, really enjoy. You know, a lot of people don't drink alcohol. Many of the B-Force members have been forcing me to do a non-alcoholic, so that's one that's coming."

Aside from House of BNG, Bonang has two other projects in the works which will be launched in August. The first is centred around gender-based violence.

"[It's] a project that I hope will help us find solutions to an issue that everybody's talking about. It is a project that I'm very, very proud of. It's been seven months in the making. And I know it's a project that will help the conversation that's happening right now. It's [gender-based violence], a sensitive issue, something that I have experienced myself," she explains.

The other venture is a content collaboration with the SABC.

"The South African audience will see fresh, new content from a project that I was shooting in the United States."

Before we say goodbye, I ask Bonang to provide clarity on a rumour which has been making the rounds for months: Is she launching a record label?

The short answer is yes!

"Anybody [who] knows me and has followed my brand, knows I'm a big lover of music. I'm a big lover of the business of music. I am very, very passionate about South African music. So yes, I will be."

She does, however, mention that she does not envision it as a record label, but rather a "360 management agency".
Bonang Talks To Us About Her Upcoming Projects To Support And Empower Women!

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