Boity Thulo on her new Perfume: ’It’s an Ode to the Duality in Women’

Just when you thought Boity Thulo couldn’t surprise you any more, she does just that by launching her own fragrance ’Boity Pink Sapphire' in collaboration with Halo Heritage.

She now joins the likes of SA celebrities Gert-Johan Coetzee (Double Platinum), Connie Ferguson (True Self), Jeannie D (Jeannie in a Bottle) and Nonhle Thema (Precious Ivy), who have released their own fragrances.

Her fragrance, ‘Boity Pink Sapphire’, is beautifully packaged in a turquoise, jewel-shaped bottle with elegant gold detail.

Boity added: “It’s an ode to the duality in women and me. I’ve always been told I’m a mixture of sweetness and strength, so I wanted to play on that. I wanted to encapsulate the duality of women, celebrating the sensuality and softness of women but also celebrating the power of women. So I think that is what the scent is about, playing on those two very important traits of women: the softness but also the strong and powerful side.”

And she was hands-on throughout the design process as well.

“I was a part of the process every step of the way,” she offered. “The bottle, obviously, is very beautiful. The colour turquoise, for me, always represented luxury, sensuality, beauty. It’s timeless. It’s also a colour I’ve worked with many times. I feel like it represents what I feel and what I want my brand and my products to look like. That was the colour scheme.

“With regards to pink, one of the partners at Halo Heritage, when they first met me, they hugged me and told me I have a pink aura. And that stuck with me. I feel like it is such a beautiful compliment. And we were having a conversation about the perfume, I knew that I had to somehow incorporate pink and that pink aura idea into the fragrance. 

We didn’t know how and eventually it came to Pink Sapphire. So that’s how pink comes into the packaging. With the gold icons, I’m actually wearing the necklace right now. I never take this off. And it is something the creators picked up on and wanted to incorporate it into the package. I was like it makes complete sense, hence the chain around the bottle. It speaks to this necklace that I never take off. It is a part of me.”

She added: “Sapphire is a gemstone I love. The qualities of the sapphire gemstone are qualities I hold high like sensuality, beauty, courage, faithfulness, etc., because it is all the things I stand for.”

On what’s in the pipeline, Boity added: “I’m still building on my music career. Soon enough, I will be dabbling in something completely different. But it is something I will talk about in the near future. But it is also really exciting.”

For now, the focus is on Boity’s proudly African move with the launch of her signature scent.
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